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Pawel Kozakiewicz

Last Updated: 25/08/2022
Pawel Kozakiewicz

Content Manager

Pawel specialises in understanding how search engines work. As a typical technical expert he is widely known for using nerdy jargon that nobody else can comprehend, as well as his extensive experience within e-Commerce and digital marketing. In fact, he built his first online store only one year after Amazon was created. Now, years later he knows a lot about complex algorithms and his knowledge helps our users to find the information they seek

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Who is Pawel Kozakiewicz, Content Manager at CasinoSource?

I like playing - no doubt about that! Whether the game’s purpose is to win money or get ahead of competition I’m up for the race! This mindset brought me to work for CasinoSource as the gambling industry has been interesting to me for a long time.  

I started my career in eCommerce in the early 2000s when the internet was poor and people didn’t know how to check their emails. However, as a young fan of technology I could see how online businesses would explode in the future. This made me understand how important it is to understand data, and how fussy people are! I used this knowledge throughout my career while working for all kinds of businesses - big, small, and medium sized. In-house, agencies. You name it!

I still share that passion for helping customers to find what they need, particularly when they try to find the best value organically. And if they can have a bit of fun at the same time, well, that is a job well done.

I Like Playing Games and Really Enjoy Strategies

I have been enjoying different types of games for many years. From online slots on dark winter evenings to very strategy based Fantasy Football. I have been also betting on my beloved Premier League and believe it or not, I’m finally getting some good results. A Lambo is coming my way!

In other words I do get the thrill of playing and betting, whether it’s Gonzo’s Quest or Call of Duty tournaments (yes I do them too!). This helps me to understand what other players are being driven by and how to provide them with the most up-to-date information that matters to them. As the old saying goes “Only a player can understand another player”, right? 

What is my work on a day-to-day basis?

Where do I start, eh?! My days are rarely the same as I’m involved in many projects, both big and small. One day I can be reviewing the content and giving out about typos, the other day I might be analysing if our websites are fast enough. If they aren’t I will surely complain about it too.   
I would say the biggest part of my day-to-day work is leading various improvements based on data analysis and my experience. The tech world is constantly changing, so we at CasinoSource have to adapt with it. This is the part I like the most - constant improvements, challenges and brainstorming on how to provide our users with what they need. And, of course, heated arguments about which slot games are the best and the worst! Book of Dead FTW? 
One thing is sure, it’s never boring here!  

FAQ’s (Ask me anything!)

In a monetary sense my biggest once-off win is €500. However, I consider winning a very tight FPL mini-league as my biggest win to date. Beating all the football pros after a long and difficult Premier League season gave me huge satisfaction.
Lack of boredom and stagnation. The gambling industry is very dynamic and provides daily challenges but also opportunities to progress. You need to be thinking outside the box in order to keep on rocking here. And once you find a solution to the complex problem you know you really earned that evening glass of Tullamore Dew.
I have only visited European casinos so Monte Carlo is a definite win so far. However, I’m really looking forward to visiting Las Vegas and seeing what all the fuss is about!
It was a game called rummy, it was quite popular during the 90s. It's a great game especially if you can play with 2-3 friends. The first time I played it I definitely had beginner’s luck and managed to win against some veterans (they crushed me the next time we played). We enjoy this game so much we’ve created a tradition and we play rummy every Christmas Eve.
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