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These days, casinos are much more than just a place to play. They're all-round entertainment venues, with many of them featuring restaurants, bars and shops. Casinos are generally high-class establishments where people spend, and sometimes win, a lot of money and thus many venues try to entice punters with fine dining, prepared by some of the world’s most renowned chefs!

Whether you enjoy music or not, it surrounds us constantly. Everything from a jingle on a radio advert to a pop song at a concert has been carefully crafted to fit its purpose, and it can have a huge effect on us in ways that we might not even notice. It's no different when it comes to music for online casino gaming, of course, but just how much difference does the music make to your gaming experience as a whole?

Whether you hit the live casino tables via a laptop or your mobile, you need to be a cool customer to beat the house regularly – and not fall for the style and sophisticated fashion sense of the live dealers themselves. Why? Because as human beings we're susceptible to having our behaviour and gambling game affected by factors relating to our subconscious psychology – and this includes how the dealers look!

Ireland has always had a close association with gambling, and particularly sports betting. The sport that is probably most deeply entrenched in Irish society is horse racing. Horse racing is of course closely linked to betting, which is one of the reasons why placing a wager is so popular in Ireland. Let’s take a quick journey through the history of gambling in the country and look at some of the key turning points!

You’ve probably seen or heard the adverts for Amazon Echo. It’s the smart speaker from Amazon that enables you to do all sorts of things in your home simply by speaking commands into Alexa, the voice-controlled personal assistant service. But what you probably didn’t know is that you can now get betting tips and news from Paddy Power through Alexa!

It’s hard to think of something that has had a more profound impact on society over the past decade than mobile technology. There’s almost nothing we can’t do on our mobile devices now. And just like so many other areas of the economy, the gambling industry has been massively affected by the mobile revolution. First gambling moved from land-based to the internet, and now it’s shifting from PCs to mobile devices!

Many amateur poker players dream of turning professional, but only a small percentage manage to turn that dream into reality. The life of a professional poker player may look glamorous, with lots of travel to glitzy locations and the opportunity to win big sums of money, but getting to a stage where you can live off your winnings requires a lot of time and hard work. So, what does it take to become a poker pro?