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Roulette Betting System Overview

Roulette Betting System Overview


Roulette became one of the most popular casino games in the world for a variety of reasons. It is relatively easy for beginners to join the roulette table, place bets and start enjoying the game right away. Once settled in and having placed a few fun bets on the wheel, you can start exploring the huge range of betting strategies roulette has to offer.

All this makes roulette a fascinating game that allows you to customize gameplay to suit your skill level, budget and risk profile. Taking your roulette skills to the next level, you can learn and practice different roulette betting systems and strategies. No roulette system can guarantee winnings. But you can use it to manage your odds and bets and considerably improve chances to win cash at the roulette table.

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Roulette History

Roulette was invented in the 17th century by French mathematician, physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal. He was originally trying to invent a perpetual motion machine that keeps operating without using external energy. Pascal’s original experiment failed, but the Roulette wheel was born. The invention of Roulette saw mathematicians and gambling experts making their own contribution to the game. This, by inventing a variety of roulette betting systems.

The House Edge

Like all casino games, roulette has a built-in mathematical model that gives statistical advantage to the casino in the long run. This advantage is referred to as the house edge. It is the amount of money the casino keeps as a percentage of all bets made by players over time. Taking for example two of the most common roulette variations: the house edge for European Roulette and American Roulette is 2.7%, and 5.26% respectively.

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Using a Roulette System

Every spin, including free spins, of the roulette wheel is an independent event with a random outcome. There is never a way to predict in which pocket the ball will land once the wheel stops spinning. And given there is a house edge built into the game, the odds are always going to be at the casino’s favour. Therefore there are no roulette systems or strategies that will help you beat the game and win for certain. However understanding the types of bets, looking closely at the odds and implementing a roulette betting system can certainly help you improve the odds in your favour and build up a nice profit.

This guide provides a detailed review of the most powerful roulette betting systems. It lets you explore options, choose and prefect the betting system that is best for you. It is recommended to use this guide to learn all about the logic and implementation, and also play roulette at our featured online casinos to get some hands-on experience.

Remember that understanding the game and implementing a roulette betting system increases your chances to win, but it will not guarantee your winnings every time. Therefore budget limits, common sense and self-control should also be a crucial part of your roulette strategy.

Positive and Negative Roulette Betting Progression Systems

Roulette betting systems are often grouped by how a player should react to winning and losing bets. This is more simply stated as the system’s betting progression. There are three types of roulette betting progression systems: Positive, Negative and Flat. At the name suggests, a player that is implementing a Flat Betting System will continue placing wagers of the same amount, regardless of the previous bet being a winning or losing one.

Positive Progression Roulette Betting Systems

  • Positive Progression Roulette Betting Systems are popular amongst roulette players because they are easy to implement and more intuitive. When using a positive progression roulette system, a player will increase their betting stake after every winning bet. Alternatively after a losing bet, the player will reduce the amount wagered. The amount of betting units (i.e. coins or chips) will either increase or decrease depending on the system used.
  • Using a positive progression betting system will let you maximise your profits during a winning streak. Hopefully the amount of profits you accumulated will then carry you through a streak of losing bets. Many players like this system because it makes common sense – You should bet more when you win and less when you lose. Two of the most popular positive progression roulette betting systems are the Parlay and Paroli systems.
  • Keep in mind that every spin outcome is independent and adopting these, or any other betting strategies will not affect your chances of winning or losing on the next bet. Therefore it is important to be disciplined and determine profit targets, bet units and the amount of winning and losing consecutive bets you wish to make.

Negative Progression Roulette Betting Systems

  • Contrary to the positive progression category, a Negative Progression Betting System will require you to increase your stake after each losing bet and lower it after a win. The idea behind a negative progression roulette betting system is that a player is bound to generate a win eventually. As stakes grow with every loss, the winning bet at the end of a losing streak will be high enough to offset losses. Popular negative progression roulette betting systems include the Martingale, Labouchere and D’Alembert systems.
  • Negative progressive betting systems are considered more risky. Although winnings can be massive, players can find themselves exhausting their bankroll very quickly. Also, this type of betting system is more counter intuitive and requires discipline on both ends. You must not be tempted to invest more when winning, and certainly not push the boundaries and generate exponential losses in hope of a win that will fix everything.

Betting on Red or Black Roulette Betting System

Every roulette game offers a number of even money, 1:1 bets. This type of bet has the highest outcome probability and in case of a win pays 1 unit for every 1 unit wagered. It includes betting on colour (either red of black), betting on an odd or even number, and betting on a high or low number (1-18 or 19-36). Many roulette players, especially beginners, like placing even-money bets as these cover most of the possibilities on the wheel. Although offering small payouts, these bets can generate wins very quickly.

Some players build their entire roulette betting strategy on even-money bets. In this case either all, or only one specific bet will be chosen. The strategy will then be implemented by changing the betting units only. Even-money betting strategies can be applied with negative, positive or flat progression roulette betting systems. It provides for fun and exciting gameplay with the possibility of many wins. But keep in mind that at the end of the day the odds are stacked against you (due to the casino’s house edge). So although staying at the roulette table for longer, relying only on even-money bets can eventually make you lose all your bankroll.

Combo Roulette Betting System

A Combo Roulette Betting System calls for placing a combination of different bets on every spin. The player will place two or more bets, where each would be treated as a separate wager. It is usually implemented with an even-money bet and negative progression betting system such as Martingale.

Although placed on the same spin, each wager will be treated as a standalone Martingale bet. When losing bets the player will increase their stake. When winning, they will revert back to the initial bet. As is the case with even-money bets, the combo betting system is eventful and fun, and can possibly keep you playing at the roulette table for a long time. However as each bet is independent, there is no real mathematical advantage in implementing this roulette betting system.

Three-To-Two (3/2) Roulette Betting System

The Three-To-Two (3/2) Roulette Betting System requires players to bet on the colour black and the third number column, the colour red and the second number column, and so on. Bets should be placed at a ratio of 3 to 2 units (hence the system’s name). Every bet of 3 units on a colour will be combined with a bet of 2 units on the column. Technically this betting system covers 26 numbers, which represents about 70% of the roulette wheel’s possible outcomes.

However if looking more closely at the three-to-two roulette betting system, every time you win the column bet and lose the colour bet you get a payout of 2:1. Winning the colour bet and losing the column bet will yield a payout of 1-3. In the unlikely event where you win both, the profit will be much larger, but still at a payout of 7-5 which isn’t as great.

But you can always be up for a winning streak. So if using the 3/2 system, set up a moderate profit goal, a stake that is about 8 to 9 times your initial bet, and a limit of about 2 to 3 losing bets. Of course be disciplined and follow your limits closely.

James Bond Roulette Betting System

Like the man it is named after, the James Bond Roulette Betting System takes into account many different scenarios. And like every 007 mission, although the system looks deceptively easy, it is not really that straightforward. Players that use this system should split their stake into three different bets as follows:

  • 70% bet on high numbers (19-36)
  • 25% bet the line 13-14-15-16-17-18
  • 5% insurance bet on zero

The James Bond roulette betting system is a negative progression system. So similar to the Martingale system, it requires you to double your bets if you lose. The advantage of this system is that it gives you good wheel coverage, with over 67% chance to win on every spin. The downside is that bets can reach high amounts fairly quickly. And like in every betting system, even 007 doesn’t manage to beat the odds.

The recommended stake for using the James Bond betting strategy is a somewhat high 200 units (e.g. €200). This, divided into bets of €140, €50 and €10 respectively. If you would like to play for smaller sums and follow the footsteps of the epic MI6 top agent, you can wager for a total stake of €20 and distribute it across bets accordingly (€14, €5, €1).

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Column King Roulette Betting System

The Column King Roulette Betting System is based on the principle of concentrating bets on number columns on the roulette grid. Each column will contain a series of 12 numbers. A bet on any of the three columns will yield a 2:1 payout and have a probability of 32.4% and 31.6% on European and American Roulette respectively. Players like this system because it gives them the flexibility to either progress positively or negatively (bet with or against the streak).

To play the column king betting system you will need to place a bet on a column. If the bet wins, move on to make a wager on a different column and begin a new sequence. If the bet loses, increase the wager and bet on the same column again. This betting sequence should continue for six consecutive losses. Then you should decide on whether you to quit the sequence, or possibly add three more bets on the same column. In case of long winning streaks, some players that use this system increase their stake slightly after winning bets.

Wells Pendulum Roulette Betting System

In 1891 a roulette player in Monte Carlo named Charles Wells invented the Wells Pendulum Roulette Betting System. Wells compared even-money bets to a swinging pendulum. By his logic odd/even, red/black and high/low bets would occur with some regularity of outcome. He also thought that one outcome would rarely occur ten times more than the other during any one given session.

Wells suggested using a budget of 145 units and an initial bet of 10 units on an even money bet. After each win, the bet will be reduced by 1 unit. And after each loss the bet will be increased by 1 unit. Following this logic, 10 spins would rarely produce the same even-money bet outcome. So a streak of 10 losses that will exhaust your bankroll is highly unlikely. Wells considered a betting sequence finished if his stake fell to 0 or reached 20 units.

The Wells Pendulum roulette betting system can produce a nice profit if winning sequences appear early on. However an early losing streak can create a deficit that is going to be hard to recover and may take many bet sequences to break even again. But if the wins come in at the right time, the Wells Pendulum system can yield profit with less winning bets than losing ones.

Guetting Roulette Betting System

The Guetting Roulette Betting System is a positive progression system which is designed to give chances for pretty big profits after a short winning streak. Another benefit of this system is that losing bet sequences can potentially have a small impact on a player’s bankroll. It is a bit different from other progression systems as it isn’t gradual. The Guetting system calls for placing different betting units during different levels of the game. If you win twice you will move to the next level and increase your stake, and if you lose you revert back to your original bet.

There are specific betting units to use at every level after winning or losing bets:

  1. Start with a 2-unit wager. win twice and move to next level
  1. Bet 3 units, win twice/ bet 4 units, win twice/ bet 6 units, win twice – move to next level
  1. Bet 8 units, win twice/ bet 12 units, win twice/ bet 16 units, win twice – move to next level
  1. Bet 20 units, win twice/ bet 30 units, win twice/ bet 40 units

Obviously it is very unlikely to predict so many winning bets in a row. This is why the different betting levels of the Guetting roulette betting system allow you to hedge your profits. If you lose a bet, drop down a level and bet on the first number of that lower level. If you lose a second bet, repeat the same wager. This allows you to protect some of your profits in case of a losing streak.

The Guetting roulette system is a relatively low-risk system that allows you to measure your progress. It is incremental, and good winning streaks will allow you to generate profits fast. The biggest drawback is that it is a system that is difficult to understand and can be confusing at times.

Other Roulette Betting Systems

There are many more exciting roulette betting systems that you can explore. Reading through all the different options and strategies may seem tedious at first. But once you found the betting system that fits your level of experience, style of play, risk profile and budgets – it will take your roulette experience to a whole new level of challenge, excitement and of course chances to make some serious profits. The following are a few additional popular roulette betting systems we recommend you to check out:

Oscar’s Grind Betting System

  • Also known as the Hoyle’s Press, the Oscar’s Grind Roulette Betting System calls for a bet that starts at 1 unit. Then the player should repeat that bet until there has been a loss followed by a win. Then the player should increase the next bet to 2 units. That bet will be repeated until a profit is made and the bet then returns to 1 unit. In a case of three losing bets followed by one win, the stake increases to 3 units. The goal of this system is to make a profit of 1 unit on each betting sequence. The Oscar’s grind betting system can make your bankroll last for a long time. But the downside is that as its name suggests, it can be a grind.

Martingale Betting System

  • One of the most famous, if not the famous of them all is the Martingale Betting System. It is a classic negative progression system that serves as base for many other roulette strategies. Following the Martingale system, players must double their stake every time they lose a bet. And revert back to the original bet size after every win. The main drawback of this system is that it is based on the theory that you can keep doubling your stake until you win. In reality however many casinos impose betting limits, and your bankroll may not afford doubling up huge losses on your way to a win.

Fibonacci Betting System

  • Many roulette players like the Fibonacci Roulette Betting System because it is based on a solid mathematical model. Fibonacci numbers are based on an infinite sequence where every number equals the sum of the previous two. For example 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. (i.e. 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5 and so on). Using the Fibonacci system, you will start by betting 1 unit. If you win, you repeat the bet. If you lose, you move to increase the bet by the next number of units on the sequence. Eventually a win should generate profits that are supposed to cover losses.

Labouchere Betting System

  • The Labouchere Roulette Betting System was developed by keen roulette player Henry Labouchere in the 1800s. It was designed specifically for even-money bets at a roulette table. To start, the player will write down a sequence of numbers (for example, 1, 2, 3). The target profit is defined as the sum of all the numbers in the sequence (in this case 6 units). The stake should be equal to the sum of the first and last numbers of the sequence (in this case 4 units). If the bet wins, the first and last numbers will be removed (so the next bet will be 2 units in our example). If the bet losses, the amount you bet on should be added to the sequence. Although effective in increasing chances of winning, this system is hard to learn and follow. Especially at a busy, fast-paced roulette table.

Parlay Betting System

  • The Parlay Roulette Betting System is a positive progression strategy that calls for increasing bets every time a player wins. After winning a bet, you will reinvest nearly all your stake (initial bet stake plus profit) into the next bet. Once losing a bet, you will revert back to the initial stake and start the sequence again. The Parlay system is very easy to learn and implement. It can generate large profits very quickly in case of a winning streak. However it is a considered a risky strategy that can result in your entire profit being wiped out very quickly as well. To manage the parlay roulette betting system effectively, you need to define a profit target, betting units and number of winning and losing bets in a sequence. Once reached, even if winning the last bet, you should lock-in your profits and revert back to the original bet.

Paroli Betting System

  • As it is very similar to the parlay system, some players refer to the Paroli Roulette Betting System as ‘parlay’s little brother’. Both systems are very similar, with one slight difference: the Paroli system requires you to reinvest your entire stake after a winning bet. While some players that use the parlay system will re-bet on most of the stake, but still set aside a few units towards their bankroll.

D'Alembert Betting system

  • The D’Alembert Roulette Betting System requires the player to increase the bet size by 1 unit in case of a loss and decrease it in 1 unit in case of a winning bet. Different to other negative progression systems, the D’Alembert system is more incremental. The constantly changing bet sizes reduce the risk of exhausting your bankroll in case of a losing streak. It also prevents you from maxing the roulette table limits. Still, a losing streak of four or more bets can require bet sizes that may be too big if you are risk averse.

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Roulette Probabilities

Many roulette players do not understand the basic principles of probability behind the game. The basic probability of different outcomes on the roulette wheel can be understood and calculated with a few simple mathematical equations. The principle formula for calculating the chance of any roulette outcome is as follows:

P(e) = (n!/(x!(n-x)!)) P(b)x (1-P(b))n-x

P(e):Probability of an event E.

n: Number of trials (spins) x: Number of times a bet wins P(b): Probability of bet B winning in one spin

!: Factorial function: multiplication of a series of descending natural numbers (for example 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24). This shows how many different unique combinations can occur without repeating the same item twice in a sequence.

In simpler terms, the probability P(e) of an event E = [Bet b appearing x times in n spins]. So for example, the probability of a red number appearing twice in 4 spins is 50%, or twice in 3 spins is 37.5%, which is a little more than 1/3.

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Final Words on Roulette Betting Systems

When it comes to roulette or any other casino game, every bet outcome is independent. Also the built-in house edge means that the more you bet, the more you are expected to lose in the long run. Therefore roulette betting systems should never be treated as a sure way to make money. They should always be used responsibly and within budgets and limits.

Although roulette betting systems can increase your chances to win and add a lot of excitement to your gameplay, it is important to set your profit targets, budgets, bet units and number of consecutive winning/losing bets. Always gamble safely and contact a responsible-gambling support body if you feel that you are losing control and unable to stick to your limits. Gamble responsibly, so you can come back and master the roulette betting system of your choice.

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💶 What is the best strategy to win at roulette?

To win consistently at roulette, stick to outside bets where you have an almost 50-50 chance of winning. Choose European Roulette over American because the extra 00 pocket increases the house edge. In terms of betting strategies, flat betting systems tend to be safer than progressive systems but your potential long-term wins can be smaller.

💶 Why do you need to implement a roulette strategy?

Random betting without a plan or system can make you lose your money faster. The different bets that you can make in roulette have different odds of winning. For example, an outside bet has an almost even chance of winning, while betting on a single number has a 1 in 37 chance of winning on a European table. Planning your strategy, and implementing a betting system helps you become more methodical and calculating in your gameplay, and potentially win more money in the long run.

💶 Why are the table limits relevant in the Martingale strategy?

The Martingale strategy is a progressive system, so each time you lose, you double your stake for the next bet, until you win back the losses and start the cycle again. A string of losses at double the stake each time can reach the table betting limits in a few rounds. For example, if you start on a €10 stake, and lose six times in a row, you are looking at a €640 bet to keep the system running. A table limit of €500 would halt your progress.

💶 Is it mathematically possible to beat roulette?

A good understanding of game odds will help you to make calculated bets, and can increase your chances of winning. However, the 0 pocket on European Roulette and two zero pockets on American Roulette help to create the casino’s house edge. This edge means that in the long run, you are likely to lose slightly more than you win.

💶 What is the James Bond roulette strategy?

The James Bond strategy is used in European Roulette and is a set of 3 bets, using 20 units of stake, which covers over 67% of the table. Most of the stake (14 units) is placed on an outside bet (19 – 36). Five units are placed on an inside bet (13 to 18), and the last unit on the zero. If the ball lands on 1 – 12, which are the only numbers not covered, then you double your bets in the next round.

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